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A unique day-trip from Viraggas to the area of Kerkini

The area of Kerkini is mostly known because of its lake which is a technical or artificial one and was constructed in the beginning of the 20th century. It was a very important project for the area. First of all, it had to relieve and protect the area around the Strymona’s River, from the floods. And then, to provide arable land for the population.

The lake of Kerkini today

A view of the lake Kerkini

In nowadays, the lake is full of life with a variety of fishes, serves as a migration station for birds and an ideal place for growing buffalos. During the seasons of bird’s migration, it is so beautiful to watch hundreds of flamingos and pelicans. Birdwatching is possible through local activity clubs. 

The lake Kerkini is 162km away from Viraggas and it will take approximately, 2hr and 30min by car. The road trip is quite pleasant.

Buffalos and their products

The buffalo’s products are on a big demand lately. Unfortunately, we have tried quiet a few times, to taste dishes with buffalo meat in local restaurants, but it was so hard as a rubber and without a special taste. I strongly believed that it was not cooked properly. So in our last visit, I bought a fine piece of buffalo meat from a nice local butcher and I promised to my guests, to cook it for them. It was exceptional. 

 Braised buffalo meat, with mushrooms, carrots and red sweet peppers, topped on Chilopittes

As mentioned above, the area of Kerkini is also well known because of the buffalos. You may see these beautiful animals grazing before the lake and if you are lucky enough, watch them crossing the river of Strymonas.  

Flying my drone over Strymonas river, just before Kerkini’s lake, I was so lucky to capture an amazing video.

  The lake is a station of bird’s migration and so, hundreds of flamingos, pelicans, storks, ducks, cormorans, herons e.t.c. are gathering here. These amazing photos from the above gallery, were taken by a very good friend of Viraggas, Grit Karoline In Der Stroth, who joined us on our last trip.

There is a limit -safe distance- from the birds. In order to have a closer look, you have to use a good set of lens or binoculars.

A horse’s farm  In Kerkini

In the area, there is a good option to enjoy horse riding.

Mountain Beles or Kerkini

The mountain of Beles or Kerkini  

Life is everywhere

There is a deck full of pelicans nesting which is elevated from the ground, because during the spring time, the lake will rise up. 

Ano Poroia

A small but beautiful village, Ano Poroia, is situated on the slope of Mt.Beles. It is ideal for hiking, horseriding and tasting a variety of dishes from trouts. There is a trout farm and a small taverna, next to the village.