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A hidden paradise in Varvara’s waterfalls

The waterfalls of Varvara is one more good reason to visit Chalkidiki. Chalkidiki is not just beautiful beaches to visit during the summer. The mainland with its amazing beauty hidden in the mountains, as the small traditional villages and the vast nature, definitely worth time to explore and to visit.

The forest of Cholomontas
Chalkidiki is for every season

One of these beautiful spots, hidden in its dense forest, is the area of the Varvara’s waterfalls.

Viraggas, is a good spot to start exploring Chalkidiki

Starting from Viraggas, you have two options. Either to take the forest road through Taxiarchis-Arnaia, or through Plana, Megali Panagia. Both roads, meet in Palaiochori and then through Neochori, you take the direction to Varvara-Olympiada. By passing both exits to Varvara, you will see on your left an open rest area with five taps-faucets of fresh running water. It is also known as “Krassoneri”(photo 4 ).

Five faucets – “Krassoneri” (photo 4)

Next to this point and continuing to Olympiada, you first meet a dirt road on your left with a big sign (photo 5 ) which you ignore.

The dirt road to ignore (photo 5)

Then, continuing to Olympiada, you will meet a sign “KATARAKTES – WATERFALLS” on your right hand and on the left corner, there is a white icon-chapel (photo 6 ) and another dirt road which you will follow to the waterfalls (Ν40°35.409′, Ε23°44.064′).

The small icon-chapel of the dirt road to follow (photo 6)
The dirt road to the waterfalls

You take this dirt road for about 2,0kms driving with caution and when this road divides in two, you follow the hairpin on your left. There is also a small sign on a tree (photo 8 ). Make sure that you do not miss this turn.

The sign it is written only in Greek (photo 8)

In about 900mts, you will be very close to the waterfalls of Varvara. You will reach the rest area of the waterfalls, with a small hut and a sign with instructions about the two waterfalls (photo 9 ). From this point, everything is quite easy.

GPS coordinates: 1st waterfall N40°35.794′ , E23°43.302′ , 2nd waterfall: N40°36.090′, E23°43.363′

*It is important to avoid visiting the area if the weather is not good and if it was raining before, do not use your car.