COVID-19 - "HEALTH FIRST" - In Viraggas traditional hotel, we fully comply with the health protocols of the Greek government. Therefore, new rules for safety and health, have to be followed.

Hiking 365days in the magnificent nature around Viraggas

All the seasons are perfect for exploring the nature of Viragga’s area.

There are amazing places around

Walking around Viraggas is just a pleasure. Viraggas, is the ideal place for relaxation, feeling like home. Away from the noisy and busy places. Surrounded by green vegetation, flowers, water and bird’s sounds. A perfect spot for hiking, exploring the area in short or even longer distances. Visiting of course lots of ancient or historical sites.

Through the forest to Polygyros

A good reason to taste Greek gastronomy through the dishes we serve. You may join also, our cooking lessons!!! Of course not to miss, the amazing beaches all around the Chalkidiki’s coastline!!!  

Walking around Viraggas: a few minutes away on foot , on the direction to Taxiarchis, you will find yourself in “Agioi Anargyroi”. It is a beautiful area in the forest with a cozy typical chappel devoted to St.Anargyroi. Also well known for the festivity on the 1st of July, starting actually from the previous day, at 19.00p.m. with a small ceremony in the chapel!!