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A worthy visit to the traditional village of Parthenonas.

Visiting the traditional village of Parthenonas in Sithonia-Chalkidiki, definitely worths it. An old village on the mountain of Dragounteli or Itamos, lying over N.Marmaras area.

Viraggas to Parthenonas village

It was abandoned once by its citizens and most of the houses, were almost collapsed. Fourty years ago, the place was re-discovered by a few tourists who bought an old house, renovated it and suddenly, the place and the idea, started to become popular. A bigger one was converted to a hostel and bit by bit, today, we have a beautiful village, full of beautiful houses, reconstructed, renovated or even completely new ones.

There is also, a beautiful church, or used to be, since it is quite common, people with no experience and knowledge, decide to paint or to plaster the churches in a kitch-like manner.


A few hostels, some coffee shops and tavernas and the most well known since my youth, Paul’s Taverna. I used to know this nice guy Paul when I was quite young. We used to visit his place during the early Sunday mornings, next to a long night in Discos of N.Marmaras. We used to listen to his stories.

The village is almost deserted through winter and it is fully alive and busy, during the summer. During the off season, there are so many cats left alone. They are looking for food and when they see a visitor, they just come around you and meowing.

I had the chance, to shoot an aerial video over the village, starting with the cats!!!

I was very lucky to be assigned of a reconstruction project, three years ago. Therefore, I had the chance to visit the place in a daily base for more than a year. I rediscovered the place and the amazing forest of the mountain, right next to the village.