COVID-19 - "HEALTH FIRST" - In Viraggas traditional hotel, we fully comply with the health protocols of the Greek government. Therefore, new rules for safety and health, have to be followed.


A few years later of our first opening and under continuous suggestions and insistence of our customers , we decided to baptize our six uniqe rooms. Inspired by the beautiful natural surroundings of Viraggas and trees around, we ended up at Dryades and Amadryades of Greek mythology. On Dryades belong Erato and Dryopi while in Amadryades the Kraneia the Ptelea, the Morea and Karia.

Six splendid rooms, each one with its own particular bathroom, wait for the visitor to offer him a warm hospitality. The different combinations of colours, the unique lightings and mainly the collection of oillamps with authentic opalines that adorn the space, the various “bakiria” (utensiles, dishes e.t.c.), the traditional oak furnitures and local embroideries, shape an amazing decor and compose an authentically traditional atmosphere