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Anniversary years of Aristotle 2016-2017

Επετειακά έτη Αριστοτέλη 2016-2017

UNESCO having the wish to honor the great Greek philoshopher Aristotle, declared the years 2016-2017 as the “years of Aristotle” on the occasion of the 2400 year’s anniversary from the birth of the first genuine scientist of humanity.

Five Elements

  • Air: The element is reflected by recognizing 10 special points of viewing the sunset and another 10 viewing points of the sunrise, both in ancient Stagira, and the rest of Chalkidiki. We will recommend the best places where the tourist can visit and photograph, or maybe walk and exercise.
  • Earth: This element is reflected in the land where the vine grows, featuring the geographical unit. Wine and raki, are important elements of Halkidiki culture. The proposal is to visit the three major wineries of Halkidiki, in purpose of tasting the Limnio variety, referred to by Aristotle that was cultivated in ancient Greece.
  • Water: Water dominates the entire range of the county. Both, waterfalls of Barbara and the depth of the sea. The proposal is the close encounter with the dominant element that characterizes Halkidiki, the sea, where the visitor can discover the rich water world and its secrets, both either through diving in the sea or even by Barbara waterfalls.
  • Fire: Fire blends the flavors for which the philosopher spoke. The fire is the mean to “bind” the fruits of the land, oil, olives, honey, cereals, fish, livestock products. The proposal is for a special menu in collaboration with the Chefs Club based on the taste theory of Aristotle, which will recommend hotels and restaurants in Chalkidiki to include it in their menus.
  • The fifth substance (fifth element) is the Ether of Halkidiki, the whole, the experience that the visitor will reap by endorsing the philosophical principles of Aristotle.

You may visit: (
* The “ether” is the synthesis of four substances into one, creating a layered experience, unprecedented for the global data.