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Privacy & Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal data

We are a small personal copany by the name: Chairistanidis Vasilios – Viraggas hotel. Our website address is:

We have created the terms of use to inform you about the personal information we collect from our hotel guests, how we collect them, how we process them and the purposes for which we use them.
By accessing this site you accept the manner in which the information is collected and used as described in this Privacy Policy. We, in our turn, commit ourselves to using the data you provide us, only in the ways that are consistent with this Privacy Policy.
This privacy policy, which fully complies with the Privacy Regulation, uses the definitions as set out in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the 27th of April 2016, for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation) ( / leg al-content / EL / TXT / ies = CELEX: 32016R0679 & qid = 1524561439 125).

I. The most important concepts used and their definitions:
(1) “Personal Information” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (‘data subject’), where an identifiable natural person is one whose identity can be directly or indirectly identified, in particular by reference to an identifier, such as name, identity number, location data, online identity identifier, or one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity the natural person,
2) “processing” means any act or set of operations carried out with or without the use of automated means of personal data or personal data sets such as the collection, registration, organization, structure, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, retrieval of information, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or any other form of disposal, association or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction,
(3) “limitation of processing” means the labeling of stored personal data in order to limit its processing in the future,
(4) “profile training” means any form of automated processing of personal data consisting of the use of personal data for the assessment of certain personal aspects of a natural person, in particular for the analysis or anticipation of aspects relating to performance at work, health, personal preferences, interests, credibility, behavior, position or movement of that natural person,
(5) “pseudonymization” means the processing of personal data in such a way that data can no longer be attributed to a particular data subject without the use of supplementary information provided that such additional information is kept separate and subject to technical and organizational measures in order to ensure that they can not be attributed to an identified or identifiable natural person,
(6) “filing system” means any structured set of personal data which is accessible on the basis of specific criteria, whether that assembly is centralized or decentralized or distributed on an operational or geographic basis,
(7) “controller” means a natural or legal person, a public authority, a service or another body which, alone or jointly with others, defines the purposes and the manner in which personal data are processed; where the purposes and manner of the law of the Union or the law of a Member State, the controller or the specific criteria for his appointment may be provided for by Union law or the law of a Member State,
(8) “processor” means a natural or legal person, a public authority, a service or other entity processing personal data on behalf of the controller,

9) “recipient” means a natural or legal person, a public authority, a service or another body to which personal data are disclosed, whether third or not. However, public authorities likely to receive personal data in a particular investigation under Union or Member State law are not considered to be recipients; the processing of such data by these public authorities is carried out in accordance with the applicable data protection rules depending on the purpose of the processing,
10) “third party” means any natural or legal person, public authority, service or body with the exception of the data subject, the controller, the processor and the persons who, under the direct supervision of the controller or executor processing, are authorized to process personal data,
11) “consent” of the data subject: any indication of will, free, specific, explicit and in full knowledge, by which the data subject indicates that he agrees, by a declaration or with a clear positive action, which concern it,
(12) “personal data breach” means a breach of security resulting in the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access to personal data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed,

II. Processor
Responsible, in the above sense of the Regulation, is the company
Vasilios I. Chairistanidis
Vrastama – 63100 Chalkidiki,
Tel .: +30 2371071429, +30 6973351293
Fax: +30 2371071472
email:, website:

III. We will then analyze how and for what reasons we collect your personal information:
Information is collected at various stages, sometimes personal information (as defined above) and sometimes general information.

1. By visiting our website.
The website records at each visit a series of general information and data. The data that can be captured are the types of navigation programs and related versions used, the operating system used, the website from which the visitor was taken to our website, the date and time of access to our website, the IP address and generally similar data and information. This information does not provide personally identifiable information for a particular person – visitor. They are collected exclusively for statistical purposes and for information purposes to prevent and protect against cyber-security risks in our information systems.

2. Through Cookies
In our website we use “cookies” which are small text files that allow us to provide specialized use, without the user having to remind us of his preferences whenever he visits our website. Our cookies do not contain information that leads to personal recognition. They can not read the files stored on your computer or collect information from it. Also, our cookies do not follow our visitors when navigating the internet after leaving
The cookies used are either necessary for the operation of the website, if they are deactivated, the web site’s functionality will be greatly limited either to the features and use of the site. These cookies collect data on how visitors use the website and monitor the behavior of the site. They tell us, for example, which parts of the site are most dear, monitor data traffic on the website and create anonymous data analysis reports. They can also be used to fix the operating problems of the site. They also relate to storing and recognizing your preferences. By storing your location, for example, it takes you to the section of the site that is relevant to your site (preference language, for example).
More information and how to check or delete cookies can be found at
When you visit our website and accept cookies, a personal number automatically connects to your computer every time you visit our website. Although you remain anonymous until you enter personal information on the site, the personal number allows us to record your visit so that we can provide you with better help if you need personalized help or support. When you enter personal information on the website, we associate your personal number with your contact information so that we recognize you in a future visit. We also use it to record information that appears to be particularly interesting to you.
From your browser settings, you can see how cookies are managed, which ones are allowed and which are discarded, and by applying the appropriate settings you can, if you do not want cookies to be blocked. However, you should be aware that disallowing cookies will affect the ability to take advantage of the benefits of using them, and you will not be able to use specific custom applications associated with creating a user profile.

3. Through an analysis program of our website

Also on our website, we use the Google Analytics service to analyze the site, which is one of the most widespread and reliable solutions to analyzing information about understanding how to use the site as well as the improvement margins. The information collected by this service concerns inter alia the time you stay on our site and the individual pages you visit, which helps us define our most popular pages. Among other things, this helps us update the site, based on data such as total number of visitors and visiting pages. Google Analytics data is not linked to your personal information, so we do not collect or store your personal information (such as your name or address) and therefore can not be used for Identify yourself. For more information about the Google Analytics service and privacy protection, visit the official website or read Google’s privacy policy. com / privacy? hl = el

You can also disable Google Analytics by visiting the Google Analytics opt out page (

4. Plugins for social media
Our site also uses various Third Party Plugins. By using them you are redirected to third-party websites with which we have no relationship, who apply their own privacy policy, which we do not know. We do not know or have access to what information is being collected and how it is collected. If you keep an account on these websites and social media, the collected data may be linked to your personal account.

5. Using our site to query
When you visit our site to search for the information you are looking for, you may want to contact us about providing specific information or engaging in a promotional action. In order to respond to such communications or to your participation, you may be asked for personal information such as your name, postal address, e-mail address and contact phone number. If you decide to provide us with this information, we will use it only for the purpose that we have clarified. We will only email you if you want to, and of course you can choose between alternative ways to get your answer answered. If you disclose your personal information to us, this will be considered as recognition and agreement to the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy. If you do not trust the provision of this information over the Internet, you can contact us by phone for more details.
If you wish you can also register your e-mail address to subscribe to an email update list or to receive further information. Your listing will only be listed if you indicate that you wish to be included in these lists. Please note that we only use these lists for internal use – we do not sell or rent these lists to anyone, and of course, if you have registered in such a list, you may at any time ask for your address to be removed from them. Visitors to our site always reserve the right to accept or deny any kind of communication from us.

6. Making a reservation.
A booking can be made either through our website, by telephone or by personally communicating with the reception. When making a reservation, it is required by law to ask for personal information such as your name, address, telephone number and payment method. You will also need information about room preferences or other special desires (such as a baby cot). These data are kept by the detention officer.
6a. Especially for bookings, which are made through our website.
In the case of bookings via our website and specifically through the link, the specific privacy policy, as posted there, and specifically at https: // / privacy-policy

7. During your stay in our hotel.
During your stay, we record personal consumptions and services for the proper account display and composition, which includes both your residence charge and all other services charged in the room. We also record this information for tax purposes. Information about your previous stays may also be collected. We also collect information required by law or administrative obligations (passport or ID number). Additionally, we may retain the content of any document (such as questionnaires, electronic documents or other written communications) that you sent us before, during or after your departure. This information can be shared with employees in our hotel but not with third parties.

How do we store this information?
i. At the hotel’s premises
We take all precautions to ensure that all personal information is kept in a secure place either in a database or in a cabinet, accessible only to the appropriate persons.
ii. In our online booking program
For your convenience, we store specific customer information in our online booking program. It is a secure database stored on a specific computer. Saved items include customer name, address, contact numbers and e-mail address. It also stores the history of your past reservations (length of stay and charges).

Which information is not safe?
It is important to know that any information sent by e-mail is not secure. This risk is insensitive to the use of e-mail, so please be aware of it when you request information or send us contact forms via e-mail (for example, using the contact form on our site). We recommend that you do not include confidential information (for example, credit card information) when you use emails. For your protection, our replies by email will not contain confidential information.
The collection of personal information is for the following reasons:
i. Why it is required by law or by contract.
Various laws and regulations require the collection and maintenance of personal information of our clients (for tax, public order, etc.), but further on from the hotel’s own contract, we derive our right to collect our customers’ personal information and the obligation to provide such information.
ii. For optimal customer service
The collection of personal information helps us to complete your reservation, allows us to provide you with the services you desire, to ensure that we serve your needs during your stay and / or to allow you to contact with you regarding issues that have arisen during your stay.
Additionally, retaining specific personal information, such as booking history and personalized spending, our old customers have the ability to confirm previous transactions and to register special residence requests based on that history or to collect points and use scoring programs based on points.
iii. To make our customers aware
Personal information may be used to advise you on bids or to inform you about discounts or other information that may be of interest to you. To make this feasible, information may be shared with a third party, including a public relations firm and / or a marketing and communications company. These companies have entered into a contract with us and under this contract they are bound to never sell, rent, exchange or otherwise transfer this information.
If you do not wish to receive information from “Hotel Viraggas”, please email us to:
A special case where personal information can be given to third parties.
Agents, parties or third parties who provide services to us may receive your personal information as part of providing services to us in order to provide better services to you. By using contractual or other agreements, we ensure that these parties safeguard your personal information with the general principles governing this privacy policy.
Unique instances in which we will share personal information about you without your consent exists when (a) it is required or enforced by law (eg in the case of a criminal summons); (b) is required to provide you with services you have requested, in which case it is assumed that you have given your consent (eg car rental), c) if your stay has been paid by a third party we will provide the payment information to the payee, d) if you do not pay your bills.

IV. As part of the processing of your personal information, you have the following rights:
• be informed about the processing of your personal data
• access your personal data
• ask for the correction of incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete personal data
• request a deletion of personal data when it is no longer necessary
• oppose the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes or for reasons related to your particular situation
• make a request to restrict the processing of your personal data in specific cases
• receive your personal data in a machine-readable format and send it to another controller (“data portability”)
• Make a request for decisions based on automated processing, affecting you or affecting you to a significant extent and based on your personal data, be made by natural persons and not just by computers. You also have the right in this case to express your point of view and challenge the decision
How do I access my personal information or generally use my above rights?
We understand that you may want to find out which personal information we keep for you. We will be happy to assist you with your request, but in order to protect your personal information you will need to prove your identity at the time the request is made.
Your request should be submitted personally by providing a proof of identity with a photograph and in writing. If it is not possible for the person to appear, it should be written in a fax or letter with an attached photo ID. In this case, your home address and phone number will also need to be confirmed with the information we have and to confirm your identity.
In certain cases, we reserve the right to deny you access to your personal information. In this case, you will be given the reasons for refusing access.
Also at any time, you can update your personal information by contacting us
– Via e-mail:
– Via Fax: 00302371071472
– By letter:

Hotel Viraggas
Vrastama of Chalkidiki
63100 Chalkidiki,

How long is my personal information kept?
Your personal information is retained for as long as required by law or by the purpose for which it was decided to maintain. They may be kept out of the ordinary by us, provided there is a professional reason for doing so. From time to time we clear your personal information.
How do I know that changes have been made to this Privacy Policy?
If we modify this privacy policy, the new form will be posted on our website ( so that you can always know how we handle your personal data. If you do not agree with the new – different way we handle your personal data, you can ask in writing not to handle it in this way. In the absence of any objections, you will be deemed to have agreed to the use of your personal data in the new format.
What is the applicable law in this policy?
The personal company Vasilios I. Chairistanidis has its headquarters in Greece and therefore applicable to Greek law as to how we handle personal data, from wherever we receive it.