COVID-19 - "HEALTH FIRST" - In Viraggas traditional hotel, we fully comply with the health protocols of the Greek government. Therefore, new rules for safety and health, have to be followed.


In the wonderful guest house ” Viraggas ” in Vrastama of Chalkidiki, with the authentic, traditional architecture and the outstanding natural environment, you will have the pleasure to taste pure flavors of Greek cuisine. A small family dinning room, for those who love pure good food combined with the feeling of “home”. Breakfast and dinner are also served in two beautiful sitting places of our garden, when the weather is good.


Breakfast in Viraggas is a daily surprise for our guests. Combines always genuine Greek selected products both from the region and the wider Greek area, with all sorts of drinks. Priority is given to the Greek coffee and herbal teas either collected from our garden or purchased from the market. The freshly squeezed juice from fine Greek oranges is always on top of the breakfast table. Fine handmade pies with feta and various greens like spinach, leeks, nettles, sorrel, etc. Handmade bread of Viraggas always from organic flours of wheat, rye, barley, linseed, corn and sunflower seeds, pumpkin, poppy, black sesame and anise. Fresh local eggs, either boiled or omelets with homemade crepes. Avgofettes (slices of bread) with eggs, milk and cinnamon. Jams of Viraggas always prepared from selected fruits, those with dominant plums and figs from our garden. Various home made spoon sweets. Local olives, prepared by us. Excellent local honey, (the one from Erica ‘s flowers is famous), combined with yogurt. Local goat and feta cheese. Trachanas pulgur (we produce during the summer with great local goat milk).


Depending on the season, various fresh vegetables from our garden, like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc. Dishes are cooked with care and everything is made of selected raw materials.

Some special dishes:

  • lamb in the oven
  • pork shank
  • goat with honey and wine
  • octopus in red wine with fava
  • veal with mashed eggplant


  • chicken soup
  • red pumpkin’s soup
  • wall nut soup
  • goat soup
  • vegetable’s soup

Several home made pies, salads, desserts and beverages.