COVID-19 - "HEALTH FIRST" - In Viraggas traditional hotel, we fully comply with the health protocols of the Greek government. Therefore, new rules for safety and health, have to be followed.

Our products

The local goat meat is delicious. Also, dairy products like milk and goat cheese. The trachanas made ​​here in Viraggas from goat’s milk and pulgur. The various jams and spoon sweets which are prepared also here. The garden of the mansion, has lots of aromatic herbs like lime, sage, lavender, mint, ginger, oregano, rosemary, heather etc.. Vrastama is well known for its honey and mainly the one of ‘ Erica’s ‘ which is recommended especially in Sports Medicine. Oil and olives organically grown in our area. Wine from Mount Athos.

The famous raki from arbutus which is prepared in the distillery next to the hotel. Our fresh homemade bread is constantly sold out. A large portion of vegetables are produced in our garden.

Apart from the products of the village, we make sure to choose fine products from the rest of selected areas of Greece, to meet the needs and standards of our kitchen. Like, organic legumes from Prespa, PDO cheeses from various parts of Greece, sausages etc.