COVID-19 - "HEALTH FIRST" - In Viraggas traditional hotel, we fully comply with the health protocols of the Greek government. Therefore, new rules for safety and health, have to be followed.

103 – Morea

The “Morea” room is located on the first floor and specifically in the place of the pre-existing loggia. Chestnut wood on the walls with wooden windows and a wonderful traditional ceiling. Between the windows, there is a wonderful painting representation (copy).

of the old Istanbul, from a well-known mansion in Kastoria city.
The colors of the room come from the traditional color palette of Macedonian architecture.
The space is equipped with wonderful furniture made of natural wood, in traditional designs.

There are a few antiques such as the wardrobe from the Art Nouveau period, the chairs, the “Kalimera” with the very old silk towel (the use is prohibited) and the wonderful oil lamp on the ceiling. The wall is decorated with old dishes, frames with old photos and a wonderful old iconostasi from Mytilene.
The bathroom space is unique and the only one in the hotel with a bathtub. It combines functionality with aesthetics in an absolute success.
This room is a very comfortable double room with stunning views across the garden, the river and the church.

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