COVID-19 - "HEALTH FIRST" - In Viraggas traditional hotel, we fully comply with the health protocols of the Greek government. Therefore, new rules for safety and health, have to be followed.

Viraggas Mansion

Viraggas Mansion, is a certified traditional hotel situated in one of the oldest Chalkidiki’s villages, Vrastama, in the Municipality of Poligiros in Macedonia.

The owner, Chairistanidis Vasilios, a devotee and expert in Greek Macedonian Architecture, is himself an Architect Engineer. It is he who, after a long research, study, and then supervision of all the works, some of which he himself participated in or completed, such as all the interior decorations, managed to create the “Viraggas Mansion”. A small Traditional hotel, a small precious Boutique Hotel.

In the place of the main building there was a two-floor building of the 19th century, in typical Greek Macedonian Architecture, with the particular morphological and typological elements of the region. Titanic efforts were taken to restore and strengthen it so that it could accommodate guests with all the possible safety. The endless hours of study, work, and therefore cost, have led to the creation of a wonderful hotel, in a fully traditional enclosure.

The use of stone, timber and Kourasanit (traditional material for masonry) were mixed with love, knowledge and mainly taste, as it is obvious in each detail of the building, where most of the wood construction, were hand crafted by the householder an Architect Engineer.

In the mentioned above, main building of the Hotel, were created six astonishing rooms – the three double and three triple and on the ground floor, was created a living-room with a lovely fireplace. All the spaces, are decorated with pieces of the owner’s collection.

A second building was also created, in which the hall for breakfast and dinner is situated, with a completely equipped kitchen. Here, the guests are able to enjoy a delightful Greek breakfast made of local mostly, natural, fresh and healthy products. Home made marmelades, bio-bread, pies and fresh vegetables from the garden are served here. Also, a variety of dishes for dinner, according to the guest’s wishes, the availability of seasonal fresh products and the inventive manner of the cook, working mainly under the Mediterranean’s diet rules.

A third building is a small distillery where the production of a fine raki is producing and the guests are welcome to participate.

Surrounding space, is characterized by its astonishing green garden in various levels, with its pathways and relaxing spaces. There are also a small swimming-pool for the summer and a splendid sitting place under the trees with a traditional stone oven and a barbecue.

From the other side of the river, there is a free parking place of the Hotel.

The famous and magnificent beaches of Chalkidiki are 15 min. drive, away from Viraggas. Several Monasteries, the Mt.Athos and famous ancient sites and museums, are in a short distance. Also, the famous forest of Cholomontas right next to Viraggas, is ideal for trekking, cycling or driving. Viraggas is a very welcome place and worths a visit all around the year.